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Dependent Systems

Standart, Strong, Quadro

Suitable for auto services, private houses and underground parking in new buildings
Advantages / Disadvantages:
  • ++100% of space for the same area
  • +Maximum load capacity – 3.7 tons
  • Dependence on other participants
  • +Low price
  • 2 floors
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Independent Systems

Puzzle, Rotor

Suitable for business centers, shopping malls and underground parking
Advantages / Disadvantages:
  • +
    +66% of space for the same area
  • Maximum load capacity – 2.7 tons
  • +Independence from other participants
  • High price
  • +2 and more floors
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Parking lot type:
The car can only be parked head in. If the parking is performed front in the back doors will be blocked. Back in parking in time causes platform deformation.
Enforced triangular-shape carriage allows to park a car head in as well as back in preventing platform deformation. An easy door opening and exit for the passengers.
Wheel stoppers:
The wheel stoppers are set on one side, which undermines the functionality and the durability of parts.
Wheel stoppers are set on both sides, which expands the zone of increased load.
Electric unit:
2 electric units, an outdated current supply method.
Our model uses only one electric box. A completely revised system of current supply.
Steel thickness Q235:
5 mm thick steel is less durable and minimises the platform maximum load.
Increased 6 mm steel thickness for durability and better safety.
Control panel:
There is no forced descent, thus the cylinders are always under load, and as a result, the service life is shortened, the gaskets and seals must be changed.
In our model, the forced descent button is added, which allows to lower the platform directly into the locking slots on the column, thereby removing the load from the cylinders.
Only foreign certificates (ISO, CE).
Russian certificate of conformity valid till 2022.
A five-year guarantee for the framework and a one-year guarantee for the system nodes.
Extended guarantee up to 15 years for the framework and three years’ guarantee for the system nodes.


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Parking systems reviews

Raisa Melnichenko
a teacher
My husband told me that there is a “smart” parking lot with parking lifts near a business center, where he works. I think it saves not only space, but also nerves. Now we will put forward this project at the council of tenants, as I want to avoid the problems with parking near our apartment house.
Alekseenko Maksim
a programmer
We live in a new building, and all the time we are suffering, because our courtyard is overloaded with cars and it is very difficult to park in the courtyard or leave it. When the owners of the housing estate equipped the parking lot with PARKLIFT parking lifts these problems disappeared.
Vlad Soschak
a businessman
Not so long ago I have known about two-level parking lifts and decided to buy them immediately. The parking lift VILLAGE is just the thing! I have installed it in several outlets and now there is a lot of free space. In Moscow it is important to use every meter efficiently and it is easy to do with such device!

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