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Feedbacks by PARKLIFT parking systems

QUADRO model » Raisa Melnichenko, a teacher, 20 oktober 2014
My husband told me that there is a “smart” parking lot with parking lifts near a business center, where he works. I think it saves not only space, but also nerves. Now we will put forward this project at the council of tenants, as I want to avoid the problems with parking near our apartment house.

STRONG model » Oleg Marchenko, an owner of a construction company, 15 september 2014
It has always been a problem to park outside apartment house where I live – there are conflicts between drivers and even minor accidents. We found the way out – we asked the company PARKLIFT to install the lift STRONG. Now there is plenty of free space. Thank you!

QUADRO model » Svetlana Vasilchak, the chief of HR, 29 august 2014
It has always been many cars parked pell-mell near the office. If you are late there will be no free parking spaces, if you come earlier other cars will block yours. After the installation of parking systems the parking lot changed. We all are very happy.

VILLAGE model » Maksim Alekseenko, a programmer, 09 august 2014
We live in a new building, and all the time we are suffering, because our courtyard is overloaded with cars and it is very difficult to park in the courtyard or leave it. When the owners of the housing estate equipped the parking lot with PARKLIFT parking lifts these problems disappeared.

VILLAGE model » Vlad Soschak, a businessman, 07 march 2014
Not so long ago I have known about two-level parking lifts and decided to buy them immediately. The parking lift VILLAGE is just the thing! I have installed it in several outlets and now there is a lot of free space. In Moscow it is important to use every meter efficiently and it is easy to do with such device!

STANDARD model » Igor Katchenko, a taxi driver, 23 june 2014
Our taxi station has recently been equipped with new PARKLIFT parking lifts. First of all, they help to save space which is very profitable because the owner pays a lot of money for the rent of garage. In addition, the process of parking is very interesting. Nobody worries about the stability of the device because it is a product of a very high quality.

STANDARD model » Vladimir Semenko, the owner of a chain of stores, 10 june 2014
Nowadays the space is very much appreciated, that is why we are trying to use every meter for our benefit. In all my stores I have installed the parking system PARKLIFT STANDARD for corporate vehicles. The new technology helps us to use a half time less place than before. Such saving impacts the overall result – I get more profit. I recommend you this parking system.