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Helpful Information

Compare Table Parking Lifts

Village Standart Quadro Strong
Lifting capacity 2300 kg. 2700 kg. 3000 kg. 3600 kg.
Equipment weight 1000 kg. 1100 kg. 1000 kg. 900 kg.
Lifting height 210 cm. 210 cm. 210 cm. 180 cm.
Usable platform width 210 cm. 210 cm. 215 cm. 215 cm.
Sharing post feature Yes Yes No No
Numbers of posts 2 2 4 4
Price 3 950$ 4 050$ 4 150$ 3 950$

Question & Answer

    What country is the manufacturer of your parking lifts?
    Our parking lifts are produced in Japan. Our design engineers are highly qualified specialists who started their career in the KAWASAKI PARKING COMPANY and now successfully work in our team. We design, develop, produce, install, and provide our customers with after-sales service worldwide.

    Is the hoist assembly included in the price? If not, how much does it cost?
    The hoist assembly is not included in the price and is paid separately. Assembling of one hoist costs from 200$ depending on the number of hoists.

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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Cause Remedy
Motor does not run.1. Check fuse or circuit breaker.
2. Check for correct voltage to motor.
3. Inspect all wiring connections.
4. Switch burned out.
5. Motor windings burned out.
1. Replace blown fuse or reset circuit breaker.*
2. Supply correct voltage to motor.*
3. Repair and insulate all connections.*
4. Replace switch.*
5. Replace motor*
Motor runs but will not raise lift.1. Open lowering valve.
2. Pump sucking air.
3. Suction stub off pump.
4. Low fluid level.
5. Lift Valve not opening.
1. Repair or replace lowering valve.*
2. Tighten all suction line fittings.*
3. Replace suction stub.*
4. Fill tank with Dexron III ATF.
5. Repair or replace lift valve.*
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Service, Operation and Maintenance Instruction

    To avoid death, personal injury and/orproperty damage, permit only trained personnel tooperate lift and accessories. Adult operation is required. After reviewing these instructions, get familiar with lift controls by running the lift through a few cycles before loading a vehicle on lift.

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Safety Instruction

    Policy should prohibit customers or non-authorized persons or bystanders from being in area while lift is in use.

    • Thoroughlytrain all operators of this equipment in the use and care of lift and accessories.
    • Be Sureno one is standing in front or behind lift while vehicle is being driven onto or backed off the lift.
    • DO NOTpermit anyone on lift when it is either being raised or lowered.

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    The advantages of hydraulic car lifts
    Today a car is not a luxury but a necessity. Before only wealthy people could afford cars, but now anyone with a fixed income can own one. As a result, there is now a huge demand for parking space, especially in cities. The use of car lifts is the most viable solution for this situation.

    The safety of car lifts
    Currently the most common car lifts are electromechanical and electrohydraulic. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages, but they ensure the safety of parked cars equally well. First, let us consider electromechanical systems. The screw mechanism that performs the rise and the descent of the platform serves protection against accidental lowering of the platform. This mechanism is designed with a self-locking system. It means that if the platform falls, it will not accelerate and damage the car below because the descent will slow down.
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