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The advantages of hydraulic car lifts
Today a car is not a luxury but a necessity. Before only wealthy people could afford cars, but now anyone with a fixed income can own one. As a result, there is now a huge demand for parking space, especially in cities. The use of car lifts is the most viable solution for this situation.

The safety of car lifts
Currently the most common car lifts are electromechanical and electrohydraulic. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages, but they ensure the safety of parked cars equally well. First, let us consider electromechanical systems. The screw mechanism that performs the rise and the descent of the platform serves protection against accidental lowering of the platform. This mechanism is designed with a self-locking system. It means that if the platform falls, it will not accelerate and damage the car below because the descent will slow down.

A car lift as a mechanic’s tool.
Car lifts are used not only to increase the number of parking spaces in car parks. They are also extremely useful in garages. With their help it is possible to diagnose, inspect, service and repair a car with the greatest comfort. Most repairs related to the chassis of the car as well as to the prevention of failure of the engine and the electrical system are carried out by such mechanisms.

What are parking systems?
The construction of such mechanisms equipped with a parking lift is usually quite expensive. However, if we take into account the cost of plots, it has many advantages. With the help of parking lifts it is possible to place many cars in a small area. A variety of motion and scanning sensors make the operation of these systems completely automatic.

You don’t know where to leave your car while you are working? There is a solution!
In modern big cities it is rather difficult to find a parking space, especially in city center. As the most of the office buildings are situated in central regions, almost everyone faces this problem. Some office buildings are equipped with special car parks for employees and customers. However, even in this case the number of parking spaces does not always correspond to the number of people.

How to increase the number of parking spaces?
There are many advantages of using parking lifts. However, let us discuss only the main of them. First of all, we should talk about the possibility of systematization. As the most of parking systems are dependent, it is necessary to take into account the need for cars to exit from the platforms that are at the lower levels so that the cars parked at the upper levels could also exit. That is why the upper tier of the lift should be taken by a car left for a long period while the lower tier should be used for a short-term parking, so that the owners of the cars parked at the upper level could leave at any time.

How to solve the problem of parking in Moscow? There is a solution - a system of two-level parking
The problem of parking in Moscow is quite urgent. According to statistics, the number of registered vehicles is twice the available place for their parking. Because of this, drivers park in any available places: on roadsides, in courtyards and even on sidewalks. Thus, not only motorists and their vehicles, but also pedestrians are in danger. In addition, when parking in the wrong places, each driver runs the risk of being fined. If it repeats regularly, it will significantly affect the budget of violators.