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How to increase the number of parking spaces?

Today parking is an essential attribute of infrastructure. It is impossible to imagine a shopping mall or an office building without such an important element. A customer will be calm and thus do more shopping if his car is in a safe place, won’t he? The same concerns the quality of the work of employees who park their cars in a safe car park. And now try to imagine someone who had to leave his or her car in the wrong place. He will worry and be in a hurry fearing for his car. Nevertheless, not all shopping malls and office buildings are equipped with modern parking systems. Sometimes city authorities take responsibility for solving such problems by equipping car parks near large and important buildings. However, in the cities with considerable population density it is not always possible. Let us discuss what to do in this case.

There is usually underground parking in new buildings, but sometimes it is also not enough. The only way out is to increase the number of parking spaces without increasing the area of parking. Do you think it is impossible? Nowadays almost everything is possible. Special parking systems are produced and installed in car parks. Of course, this requires some financial investment, but it is not as expensive as the purchase of land, the creation of necessary conditions, construction, expansion, etc. Parking lifts are modern tools that help to increase the roominess of car parks. A parking lift can accommodate two and more cars in the place where it was only one car before. It means that if we equip the whole parking area with parking lifts, the number of parking spaces will increase at least twice. It will contribute to solve the problem of placing more cars and it will help somehow to organize the cars parking there.

There are many advantages of using parking lifts. However, let us discuss only the main of them. First of all, we should talk about the possibility of systematization. As the most of parking systems are dependent, it is necessary to take into account the need for cars to exit from the platforms that are at the lower levels so that the cars parked at the upper levels could also exit. That is why the upper tier of the lift should be taken by a car left for a long period while the lower tier should be used for a short-term parking, so that the owners of the cars parked at the upper level could leave at any time.

Absolutely all parking lifts are equipped with a control system. As a rule they are quite simple in use, even for those who have not experienced them before. Parking lift is driven by pressing just one button.

Every car owner worries about the safety of his car. Therefore, designers have secured parking lifts providing them with a system that does not allow the descent of the upper platform if there is a car parked below. It also makes parking lifts safe for people. It means that if there is someone at the lower level, the upper platform will not go down.

In case of a power outage, manual control is provided. Among the available functions there is a choice of the height of lift, which is very useful when installed in closed rooms with low ceilings, as it lets to stop the car at any level in order to avoid an emergency.

A parking lift is safe and reliable equipment, which is extremely convenient and easy to use. Hopefully, in the near future everyone will use parking lifts and there will not be any problems with parking near hypermarkets and other large buildings.