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How to solve the problem of parking in Moscow? There is a solution - a system of two-level parking

The problem of parking in Moscow is quite urgent. According to statistics, the number of registered vehicles is twice the available place for their parking. Because of this, drivers park in any available places: on roadsides, in courtyards and even on sidewalks. Thus, not only motorists and their vehicles, but also pedestrians are in danger. In addition, when parking in the wrong places, each driver runs the risk of being fined. If it repeats regularly, it will significantly affect the budget of violators.

Unfortunately it is impossible to get the increase in the number of parking spaces at the legislative level. There are no legal documents and even adopted laws that could cope with violators who park in the wrong places. However, there is a way out.

Technical progress is never stands still and every year new inventions are developed to facilitate people’s lives in one way or another. One of such useful inventions is a parking system. Parking systems are necessarily equipped with a remote control and powerful lifting systems.

The installation of such systems can increase the number of parking spaces in the same area. Even if you use the simplest equipment, so-called two-level parking system, it is possible to increase the number of parking spaces twice. Two-level parking systems belong to a dependent type of parking systems. It works as follows: one two-level parking system lets to place two cars above each other. The upper tier of the lift is usually taken by a car left for a long period and the lower tier is for a short-term parking.

Two-level parking systems can be installed on two or four posts. Those with four posts have a larger platform and carrying capacity, thus taking up a slightly larger area. Manufacturers often allow using one or two posts as common for several two-level parking systems of the same type. Thus, both parking spaces and money are saved.

It is also important that two-level parking systems are equipped with various safety systems. For example, there are special sensors that determine the presence or absence of the vehicle at the lower level. If there is a car parked below, the upper platform will not lower.

Nowadays automated parking systems are not widely used in Moscow. Nevertheless, they are gaining popularity among some owners of parking lots, for example, who have already equipped parking areas with such systems and they are satisfied. In addition to durability and reliability there is one more positive aspect of using two-level parking systems – they quickly pay off because of their low cost and do not require special service.