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The advantages of hydraulic car lifts

Today a car is not a luxury but a necessity. Before only wealthy people could afford cars, but now anyone with a fixed income can own one. As a result, there is now a huge demand for parking space, especially in cities. The use of car lifts is the most viable solution for this situation.

Today car lifts are most frequently used in parking lots and service centers. There are three main types of lifts: electromechanical, electrohydraulic and pneumatic of which electrohydraulic lifts are the most popular. They are most frequently used in auto services and parking lots because they offer a multitude of advantages over the other types.

However, it should be noted that in comparison to the electromechanical lifts the hydraulic lifts have higher efficiency. Due to their special design, they do not have rotational components which minimizes friction loss. In addition, the details of the hydraulic lifts wear out less and the platform of such lifts rises and lowers more smoothly.

The greatest advantage of hydraulic lift is the opportunity to lower the platform even when the power is off. Lifts with the electric drive cannot work without electricity while the hydraulic drive enables the descent of cars in all conditions. This means that hydraulic lifts are the safer option for parked cars. Reliable and easy synchronization of lowering and lifting of a car provides a direct rise and descent of the platform, avoiding skewness and ensuring the highest safety of the vehicle.

Furthermore, electrohydraulic lifts are more economical to operate. Since the electric motor is used only to bring into operation the hydraulic pump and is not involved in raising and lowering a car, electricity costs are significantly reduced. Thus the load on the electric motor are minimal and they require less powerful engines. The design of the hydraulic lifts is rather simple but more reliable, which also reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Finally, it should be noted that hydraulic lifts are the safest as there are a number of safety devices installed in them.