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What are parking systems?

The simplest of them are able to double the number of parking spaces. However, there are more complex systems equipped with special parking lifts. Such systems operate autonomously, the vehicle owner just needs to place the car on the parking lift, and then a special mechanism will move it to a free parking space.

The construction of such mechanisms equipped with a parking lift is usually quite expensive. However, if we take into account the cost of plots, it has many advantages. With the help of parking lifts it is possible to place many cars in a small area. A variety of motion and scanning sensors make the operation of these systems completely automatic.

The scheme of its work is quite simple. After a car is placed on a parking lift, each parking space is scanned by various sensors. Then a mechanism moves a parking lift to a free parking space. The movement may be performed both vertically and horizontally. Then a parking lift puts a car into a parking space, where it is in safety. Then a parking lift returns to the starting position.

To pick up a parked car, a parking lift does all the same in reversed order and delivers a car to the starting point. Thus, this particular system is not only very convenient and reliable, but also really entertaining. Imagine how interesting it is to watch the movements of a parking lift! It looks like a merry-go-round at an amusement park. Nowadays parking lifts are getting more and more popular. Every year such mechanisms are installed in car parks of different countries.

Did you know that parking can be interesting?

It would seem that there is nothing interesting in parking. You just find a free place, park your car and leave it there. However, equipping a car park with various automatic systems turns it into a kind of attraction.

The expansion of urban infrastructure is extremely disadvantageous because of the high cost of land. Every year it is getting more and more car owners worldwide and this problem affects them most. Due to the increase of vehicles, there is the lack of parking spaces in big cities and this is a real problem.

Many designers were trying to solve this problem. As a result, we have a miracle of modern technology called a multi-level parking system that can accommodate more cars in the same area.