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What country is the manufacturer of your parking lifts?
Our parking lifts are produced in Japan. Our design engineers are highly qualified specialists who started their career in the KAWASAKI PARKING COMPANY and now successfully work in our team. We design, develop, produce, install, and provide our customers with after-sales service worldwide.

Is the hoist assembly included in the price? If not, how much does it cost?
The hoist assembly is not included in the price and is paid separately. Assembling of one hoist costs from 200$ depending on the number of hoists.

How long does delivery take?
On the average, delivery takes about 40 days by sea plus 10-15 days for customs clearance.

Does the cost of the equipment include delivery?
Yes, it does. PARKLIFT company tries to create favorable conditions for its clients, therefore, the company defrays delivery expenses.

Do you perform the installation of equipment?
Our company provides its clients with a high-quality equipment installation followed by commissioning. The price is negotiated individually.

How long is the installation carried out?
Our specialists install one lift per day.

What is the maximum lifting height of the platform?
The maximum lifting height of the platform is 2.1 meters. It is quite enough to park a SUV at the lower tier. You can also stop the platform at any height.

Have you got certificates for your production?
Yes. Our products meet the basic requirements of EU directives and harmonized European standards.

Can the system function outdoors?
Yes, it can. In this case, the system is filled with special hydraulic oil with high viscosity index and low pour point. The basic units undergo an additional galvanizing procedure and electrical components wear special casing.

Does the price change if I order double or triple parking systems?
If you order double or triple parking systems, you will certainly save space and money. We recommend this particular way of placing parking systems. For more information you can contact our managers.

What are the payment terms?
We work on an advance-payment basis. You need to pay 60% before and 40% after the arrival of systems at the customer premise.

What is the warranty on the equipment?
The warranty on the supporting structure is 10 years, on the mechanical components – 3 years.