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Safety Instruction

Safety Instructions

Policy should prohibit customers or non-authorized persons or bystanders from being in area while lift is in use.

  • Thoroughlytrain all operators of this equipment in the use and care of lift and accessories.
  • Be Sureno one is standing in front or behind lift while vehicle is being driven onto or backed off the lift.
  • DO NOTpermit anyone on lift when it is either being raised or lowered.
  • Alwaysstand clear of lift when raising or lowering and observe "Pinch Points".
  • Never overload lift. Capacity of lift is 7,000 lbs.
  • Alwaysshut off engine and engage parking gear and brake before exiting the vehicle.
  • Alwaysdrive on/off lift with care.
  • Keeparea around lift clean of tools, debris, grease, oil, flammables, etc.
  • Alwayskeep lift platform clean.
  • Replaceall caution, warning, or safety related decals on the lift when unable to read or missing.
Safety Instruction with Hydraulic Parking Lift
Safety Instruction with Hydraulic Parking Lift