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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Cause Remedy
Motor does not run.1. Check fuse or circuit breaker.
2. Check for correct voltage to motor.
3. Inspect all wiring connections.
4. Switch burned out.
5. Motor windings burned out.
1. Replace blown fuse or reset circuit breaker.*
2. Supply correct voltage to motor.*
3. Repair and insulate all connections.*
4. Replace switch.*
5. Replace motor*
Motor runs but will not raise lift.1. Open lowering valve.
2. Pump sucking air.
3. Suction stub off pump.
4. Low fluid level.
5. Lift Valve not opening.
1. Repair or replace lowering valve.*
2. Tighten all suction line fittings.*
3. Replace suction stub.*
4. Fill tank with Dexron III ATF.
5. Repair or replace lift valve.*
Motor runs—raises unloaded lift but will not raise vehicle.1. Motor running on low voltage.
2. Trash in lowering valve.
3. Improper relief valve adjustment.
4. Overloading lift.
1. Supply correct voltage to motor.*
2. Clean lowering valve.*
3. Replace relief valve cartridge.*
4. Check vehicle weight and/or balance vehicle weight on lifts.
Lift slowly settles down.1. Trash in check valve seat.
2. Trash in lowering valve seat.
3. External fluid leaks.
1. Clean check valve.*
2. Clean lowering valve.*
3. Repair external leaks.
Slow lifting speed or fluid blowing out filler breather cap.1. Air mixed with fluid.
2. Air mixed with fluid suction.
3. Fluid return tube loose.
4. Cold Fluid
1. Change hydraulic fluid to Dexron III ATF.
2. Tighten all suction line fittings.*
3. Reinstall fluid return tube.*
4. Contact Rotary for optional heater.*
Lift going up unlevel.1. Chains out of adjustment.
2. Lift installed on unlevel floor.
1. Adjust slack out of chains per installation instructions.
2. Level lift per installation instructions.
Lift stops short of full rise or chatters.1. Low on fluid.1. Check fluid level and bleed cylinder. If fluid is required inspect all fittings, hoses, and seals. Repair as required. Clean power unit pickup stub filter.*
Lift will not lower.1. Latches out of adjustment.
2. Lowering valve not open.
3. Lift valve not open.
1. Check latches and adjust per install instructions.
2. Repair or replace lowering valve.
3. Repair or replace lift valve.
Cylinder will not retract.1. Velocity valve needs to be reset.1. Pressurize with power unit to reset the velocity valve and then repeat Oil Filling & Bleeding per install instructions.
* — Remedy listed above may require qualified repair technician. Contact us for instructions.