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your parking is at the highest level!

PARKLIFT PUZZLE — freely a two-level parking lift

  • Attractive appearance
  • Galvanized corrugated platform
  • A non-slip coating
  • Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders
  • Chrome-plated corrosion-resistant coating of rack and piston
  • External power supply and remote control of hydraulics
  • The symmetrical structure of the location of posts
  • The ability to change the place of installation
  • Stopping the platform at any level
  • Common middle post allows to save space
  • Dynamic locks will protect from falling of a vehicle
  • Manual control in case of power outage
  • Protection of the hydraulic system from overload
  • Limit switch with photocell
Feature Value
Equipment weight 4750 kg.
Lifting capacity 2000 kg.
Lifting height 250 cm.
Usable platform width 210 cm.
Electrical required 380V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Power pack 4 kw hydraulic power pump
Lifting/lowing time 40/35 sec.
Finishing paint spray

The parking system of a Puzzle series is a new standard of two-level parking lifts. PUZZLE is an independent two-level parking for 5 cars. You don’t need to drive a car out of the lower tier to get the car parked above. Due to the presence of free space, you can always get a car from the upper tier. SUVs easily fit the first tier and sedans are easily lifted to the second tier by the parking lift. If you need to lift crossovers and SUVs to the second level, you can order a parking lift with a higher carrying capacity up to 2.7 tons from the factory. The voltage required for the operation of the parking lift is 380 volts, 3 phases. Without voltage you will not be able to lower or move cars unlike other lifts which can lower the platform without voltage.

Dimensions of a parking lift with a car

Dimensions of a parking lift with a car

Independent Parking Car Lift for 5 car spaces 1) Wire ropes
2) Wire rope pulley
3) Cylinder
4) Platform
5) Sliding rail
6) Post
7) Stringer
8) Beam

The surface treatment of our new parking system has also changed and now consists of 3 types:
1. Sandblasting
Sandblasting is a cold abrasive treatment of the surface of stone, glass and metal products. It damages the surface with sand or other abrasive powder sprayed by air flow.
2. Zink primer
Zink primer of a high-purity zink is suitable for the treatment of surfaces where usual painting is impossible. Due to the application of a durable layer, it provides protection against corrosion of all iron and steel surfaces.
3. Aerosol paint
The principle of spray painting consists in spraying the paint and providing the adhesion of paint particles with the product. Paint spraying ensures efficiency and guarantees an excellent finishing of the surface. Spray painting also has a wide range of application since the material or the form of a product usually does not affect the finish.

Low usage cost

When the platform moves down, it will be driven by gravity, so there is no electricity consumption for hydraulic power pack.

Fast and easy installation

With professional design and friendly package, it becomes simple on installation. What’s more, detailed installation manual, drawing and video attached with products will help customers have easier installation work.

Sharing post feature

The posts could be shared when they are installed side by side, which can save cost, land space, and container space.

Professional packing & delivery

We have very professional packaging and logistic people to ensure our customer will get the product damage free, simple load & unload in time.

Hydraulic driving mode

Thanks to the hydraulic driving mode, our lift could have a faster lifting speed. Even though there is power failure, the upper car still can be retrieved by manually operating the solenoid valve.

Dynamic locking device

We are oering the safest parking machine in the market, the equipment is built under the CE standard and there are more than 10 safety features to ensure our clients will always get protection. Especially, there are a range of locking tabs on the posts to protect cars from accident damage.

Stronger structure

Hydro-Park 1127 enforced the critical parts that carry the weight makes the equipment extra strong.

Limit Switch

To Stop the power pack pumping when the platform reach the position Height adjustable feature Power Unit
1. Pressure Relief Valve (will be activated when the pressure inside of the cylinder reach a certain level)
2. Directional Valve
3. Solenoid Valve
4. Flow control Valve
5. Transparent Oli Thank (Be able to see the oil level)

Hot Galvanized Cover Plate

Anti-rust Non-slip design Leakage-proof design Electrlc Box

Power Unit

1. 24V Control
2. Voltage Overload Protect
3. Fuse

Mechanical lock hook

Lock the platform in the lock hole when during the platform go up and down

Full Range Mechanical Lock Block

1. Full range mechanical lock block start from 500mm of the bottom of the post until reach the lifting position
2. Each block is 70mm high and 80mm gap in between
3. It will be activated when there is any failure of the hydraulic system, and hold the platform on the next locking position by the post.

Photocell limit Switch

Will stop the whole system when it blocked, Ensure the lower lever car will not be damaged by wrong operation.

Control Box

1. Self-restore key switch
2. Emergency stop button

Other safety features:

  • 'All the way' 6 mechanical safety lock every 10cm.
  • 24v electric lock release (no harm for operator)
  • Photocell sensor available to check under car and avoid trespass.
  • Electric protection for power over load or under voltage.
  • Auto locking system for power cut as safety features.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Pressure relief valve and pressure compensate flow control valve to tripe ensure safety.
  • Limited switch in the top of the post (when the platform go to the appointed height, it will automatic stopped to avoid the wrong operation).
  • Photocell switch installed in the post of 50 cm above the ground (when a child pass, this photocell is blocked, then the whole equipment is stopped to avoid harming children).
  • Italian hydraulic seal to ensure the total quality of Hydraulic cylinder.
  • Overload protection device for hydraulic power pack.
  • Besides the synchronization chain (5 times than weight capacity), Platform pull-rod double ensue its balance.

Parking equipment has 10 years warranty on structure, and three year warranty on the whole machine. Within the warranty period, Mutrade is responsible for the parts and structure, not including labor nor any other cost unless pre-agreed. Power units, hydraulic cylinders, and all other assembly components such as slip plates, cables, chains, valves, switches etc, are warranted for one year against defects in material or workmanship under normal use. Our company shall repair or replace at their option for the warranty period those parts returned to the factory freight prepaid which prove upon inspection to be defective. We will not be responsible on any labor costs unless pre-agreed. We will not responsible for the modification or upgrade of the product from the client unless pre-agreed.
These warranties do not extend to:

  • defects caused by ordinary wear, abuse, misuse, shipping damage, un-proper installation, voltage or lack of required maintenance;
  • damages resulting from purchaser’s neglect or failure to operate products in accordance with instructions provided in the owner’s manual(s) and/or other accompanying instructions supplied;
  • normal wear items or service normally required to maintain the product in a safe operating condition;
  • any component damaged in shipment;
  • other items not listed but may be considered general wear parts;

About the customized size

If the size of the platform need to be customized based on customer require, difficulties might arise when entering or exiting the cars on the parking units. This depends on car type, the access and the individual driving behavior.

Operating device

The position of the operating device depends on the project (switch post, house wall). From bottom of the shaft to the operating device an empty pipe DN40 with taut wire is necessary.


The installation is designed to operate between +5°and +40°C. Atmospheric Humidity: 50% at +40°C. If the lol circumstances differ from the above please contact PARKLIFT.


Illumination has to be considered acc. to local requirements by client. Illumination in the shaft for maintenance is required to be minimum 80 Lux.


Regular maintenance by qualified personnel can be provided by means of an Annual Service Contract.

Protection against corrosion

Independent of a maintenance workings has to be carried out acc. to PARKLIFT Cleaning and Maintenance Instruction regularly. Clean up galvanized parts and platforms of dirt and road salt as well as other pollution (corrosion danger)! Pit must be always ventilated well.

PARKLIFT company reserves the right to change this specification without further notice! PARKLIFT company reserves the right in the course of technical progress to use newer or other technologies, systems, processes, procedures or standards in the in the fulfillment of their obligations other than those originally offered provided the customer derives no disadvantage from their so doing.